Modified Lego Colour Sorter

I recently acquired the Educational Version of the Lego EV3 set together with the Expansion set, which enabled me to try out the models associated with these sets. One of the first ones I built was the Colour Sorter (I don’t like the american spelling Color!) This works well, but I thought the model could be improved. First you have to manually scan all the colour pieces as they are loaded onto the delivery chute, and also after each coloured brick is delivered the moving chute assembly returns to the zero position before the next brick is processed, which is a little inefficient in time.

Colour Sorter

The two changes I made, were first to move the colour sensor from the EV3 brick to the shute assembly so that the bricks were scanned just before each one was delivered, obviating the need for them to be scanned manually. Secondly, I altered the algorithm of the program, so that the chute records where it is and calculates where it has to move to before delivering the next brick. This makes the whole process a bit quicker and more efficient, although it relies on dead reckoning after the initial calibration of the chute position.

I have produced a project file with build details for the modified model, which should be read in conjunction with the original build instructions. The file also contains the modified program with a full description of its operation and a short video of the model in operation which is linked here also.
I hope you enjoy building it!

8 thoughts on “Modified Lego Colour Sorter

  1. Kasey Clift

    Can you please include the programming?
    Kasey. There is a link in the article which takes you to the modified program.

    1. rbn2013 Post author

      Kesey. The link is in the article. “I have produced a project file with build details” Look for this sentence, in the article and click on the words project file

  2. karlduino

    Love your modification and your program. We much prefer to have the color sensor over the chute, like this. Thanks for taking the time to spell out the details!


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